About Me

I start to play drums in 1975 then first in a School Orchester untill i begin to play in many other Orchester. Play also in some year in a Symphonic Orchester before i have to go into the Military. where i also play drums in a Orchester there. When i come home from the military i have play in some band with school mates, so i start my first Country Band. We play many places and go North and South in Norway. then i come in contact with Grete Bogen and start the band Bootlegs and here we play at many festivals and make a good music video you will find on YouTube. The last band i play with in Norway was Foynum. A Rock Band where Trond F√łynum a brilliant Lead Guitar player run untill i find out i will move to Spain. In Spain i very fast come in contact with other musician, and start up Los Vikingos in some year, then i Play with some Norwegian musicians in Los Cuatro Eco and Travellin Saunterers where we used a guest vocalist Nico Fioole (He are at the moment on La Voz Spain) Then i play with Swamp Frogs before i come in Contact with Peter. and the band BLUE DESERT a band Peter have run in many years with musicians in Holland, Costa Rica and then when he moved to Spain he start up this band again. After a time with BLUE DESERT, i find out i need to have other thing to do where i can play more different music. Then i start up again Riverside Band. I do also some studio work, and have been in different studio to put some drums on different recording. Riverside Band have do some gig but will change the music we have done So from know it will be Soul, Funk and Rock. Will also have one more band to play with. (More info will follow..)